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Community Training & Consulting

Self-care and stress management

trainings to support counselors and counselor educators. Since counselors spend so much time taking care of their clients, they can easily become overwhelmed or experience compassion fatigue and burnout. In the self-care and stress management training, I give counselors practical tools to help them reduce stress and increase their self-care.

Helping teens reduce anxiety

training specifically to counselors working with teenagers. Teens often experience stress and anxiety as they blossom into young adulthood. Knowing exactly what they need can be quite difficult. Do you feel like you have exhausted your interventions? If so, this is the workshop for you.

Supporting women with pregnancy complications and or loss

Motherhood comes with all kinds of challenges. More specifically, African American women are at an increased risk of perinatal loss and mortality due to pregnancy complications. In some cases, women experience a miscarriage or still-birth. Coping with this type of grief is difficult. Women often feel alone. Family and friends do not understand their grief and they are often left to deal with the loss of a child on their own. This training will help counselors understand how to help mothers experiencing maternal trauma and loss. 

Racial trauma implications for counselors

This training delves into the issues surrounding racial trauma. Did you know that there is limited racism-related treatment in the literature? Well, many counselors are not trained in race-based trauma. Let’s reframe! What if we stopped saying, what is wrong with you? And asked our clients, what happened to you? Majority of our clients have experienced race-based traumatic stress. By the end of this training, you will walk away with a better understanding of how racism impacts the clients you work with every day.

CEUs will be available in the near future.