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School Training & Consulting

The following services are available to support children, families, and school stakeholders in P-12 grade settings.

  • Training for teachers and staff
  • Support for school counselors
  • Educational consultation for parent/guardian(s)

Teacher & Staff Training

Providing training on self-care to help teachers and staff reduce stress. The work you do is so invaluable. Oftentimes, you are overworked and underappreciated. Many of you take work home on the weekends or stay late just to get it all down. Taking care of you is and should be a top priority. Let us help by giving you self-care tips and activities you can use to start feeling better today.

Racial tensions are on the rise in our country, communities, and schools. Did you know that youth are significantly impacted by traumatic experiences? They also experience racism an average of six times per year. Additionally, many teachers report feeling underprepared to address the needs of diverse students. These findings suggest educators must implement culturally sensitive curricula in schools. Interventions to address cultural and historical trauma are necessary. By the end of the “Racial Trauma Implications for Educators” training, teachers and educators will leave with a plethora of interventions to implement antiracist education in their classrooms.

School Counselor Support

We help school counselors with small group programming. We create small group lesson plans to help you start small group counseling with your students. Not sure of the format or what to say? Don’t worry, we have it covered. Our lessons walk you step-by-step on how to implement an effective small group counseling program. Do you want to show your principal that your program is effective, but you are stuck on how to share the data? Well, we will also show school counselors how to collect and analyze data especially when they are implementing research-based interventions within their comprehensive school counseling programs. Wouldn’t it be awesome to continue that small group intervention instead of lunch duty? Administrators always want to see the data. We can help feel confident about sharing your results. 


Educational Consultation

We have worked with several frustrated and worried parents. Navigating the school system and supporting your child can be difficult. Does your child have a 504, RTI/SST/MTSS, or IEP plan? Do you need help communicating what your child needs to be successful in school? Has your child been on a response to intervention plan since elementary school and you do not see much growth? Maybe it is time for a change. We are here to support you and your child by reviewing the plan, making suggestions for changes, and attending meetings to help you voice your concerns. As a parent, you have a voice and it matters.