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Providing online counseling services to individuals looking to save time or those who want counseling from a convenient location within the state of Georgia. Our therapists provide counseling in a safe and confidential manner. 

School-training & Consultation

Services are available to support children, parent/guardian(s), and school staff. We provide educational consultation for parents. Navigating the school system and supporting your child can be difficult. We also provide small group programming support for school counselors. Finally, we offer self-care training for teachers and staff.


At the Green Shelf, we believe taking care of your body is key to your overall well-being. We offer the following services to help clients develop healthier lifestyles. Nutritional advice and exercise tips will be given upon client request only. This is including, but not limited to weight loss information, meal plans, and workout plans.

Community Training

Services are available for counselors and counselor educators alike. We provide continuing education related to stress and anxiety, self-care, and racial trauma. Other resources and supports are available upon request. Continuing education credits will be offered in the near future.

Clinical Supervision

Available specifically to school counselors obtaining state licensure in Georgia. Receive clinical supervision from a competent clinical supervisor that understands your value and work in schools.

“The secret to growth is helping others grow”

- Julian Hall